Saturday, 11 June 2011

Create a Professional Website for free

Ever tried to make a website and failed..? Then no more worries. Let me introduce some of the most efficient methods to do that. That is to use a free domain name and free hosting space. Before coming to this blog, you might have searched the internet and got a dozen of free website hosters. But the main problems with these are:
  • You cannot get a custom website address like, rather you get an address something like ie., you get only a subname.
  • Your website will be populated with their advertisements and promotional links.
  • Your website bandwidth, storage space et.c will be very limited.
  • Google adsense account will never be issued to such websites appearing to be subpages. 
  • You should have a thorough background of html coding, database management etc.
Well the above problems will never allow you to be successful. A website without a proper domain name will not attract traffic, will appear insecure to the visitors, will never come in search engine rankings and so on.. 

Now let us see how to tackle these problems. There are two free website hosters, which have very close facilities of a paid website hosters. These are and Both have very efficient website builder tools and very short domain name. But hold on, let me suggest something. I would prefer due to the following reasons:
  • Webs have smaller ads than 110mb. You can remove that ad also, by a simple trick. I will explain it at the last.
  • The website builder tool of Webs is better than 110mb.
  • Search engine optimization and marketing are also easier in Webs than 110mb.
  • Managing the website is very easier in Webs.
  • You can upgrade your account without paying money, but by completing some offers like survey.
You can register for You get a domain name as You can also register at or, and get your domain name shortened as or respectively.
You can browse through a hundreds of themes and add many add-ons to you site such as blog, shopping cart, membership login, form submissions, google adsense, etc. You can also track the visitor's logs, location, time spent etc.
At last, if you want to remove those small ads appearing then you can got to site-setings>>downgrade. It will convert you site into html code. Then you can delete the part of the code for advertisements. But once you downgrade it, you can never upgrade it and can never use the site-builder tools thereafter. So, do it only if you are an expert in html coding.
After you do this, you can complete the free and easy offers they provide. Those includes surveying, registering to some website etc., for which you earn credits. You can use these credits to buy proffessional domain names such as .com, .net etc

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