Thursday, 26 May 2011

How to get Adsense account in one day

                    Usually to get an Adsense account, you first go to Then register for an account giving details about your website in which you are going to place the ads. The website you are registering must be older than three months. Then it takes 2-3 buisiness days to review your application. Getting an Adsense account approved from google is very difficult now-a-days. Mostly they disapprove your application for some reason or the other. Even a Blogger account holder usually doesnot get it easily. And it takes more than one year to get approved usually. So here is an easy way to get Adsenese account easily.

  • Go to the website This is a website powered by Google Adsense. 
  • Register for an account in this site.
  • After the successful registration, you need to upload images, videos, blogs etc. Other users in Flixya can view the contents uploaded by you. 
  • Soon after you upload any ten items, the option monetize becomes enabled. When you click the button you are directed to create an Adsense account. 
  • They give approval very fast. Very fast in the sense, in one or two days.
  • In the mean time, you shall upload more contents and browse through other’s contents. 

                In Flixya, try to add blogs which contains contents written by you, and not copied from others. Also, make sure the photos and videos  you upload are not any family-photos or family-videos or similar items which others are less interested.
                Once you get an Adsense account approved, you will get a publisher ID, which you can place in any other websites or blogs you want.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Internet connection at 5.0Mbps ultra speed!! Unlimited Download..just for Rs.3

The latest trick to get free internet at 3G speed. For doing this, you require an Aircel Sim.
Follow these steps to connect to internet using Aircel SIM and PC
1. Send "ALL" to 121 from your SIM (to get the gprs settings)
2. Save settings
3. Send "START 3G" to 121 (to activate 3G)
4. Dial "*122*553#" (You need Rs.3 to do this..and thats the only  money you give!!)
5. In your phone, go to Settings>>Phone>>Network and set it to "GSM".
6. Connect phone using PC Suite.
7. In your PC, go to control pannel>>phone and modem>>phone name>>properties>>advanced
    and paste  AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","aircelgprs"   in the textbox.
8. Save and go to control pannel>>network and internet>>connect to a network
9. Select the phone as modem
10. Save the following settings and connect
       connection number-*99***1#
       use dialing rules of your location
11. After connecting, again go to Settings>>Phone>>Network and set it to "Dual"
12. Thats it!! enjoy ultra speed browsing...

Friday, 20 May 2011

Facebook Apps Leak Personel Information to third parties. Be Careful!!

   The online security firm Symantec has come up with details of facebook applications leaking personal informations to third party companies. There are more than 500 million users in facebook, that uses around 100000plus facebook applications. About 200 million users use these applications also. If you are one among them, then please be careful.
  These applications ask for the permission to access their private informations first. Users blindly allows them to access it. The private information includes username, email address, date of birth, address of location, photos, friends list and so on. These applications often appear fancy to the users, and mostly get their link from friends. So they blindly clicks the OK button when asked for the permission to access personal information. But understand that, your friends also might have got it in the same way and may not even tried it.
  The Wall Street Journal reports that all of the 10 most popular Facebook apps are guilty of giving away user IDs to third parties, specifically Internet research and advertising companies. These include Zynga’s FarmVille, Texas HoldEm Poker and FrontierVille. 
   Facebook guarantees that knowing the username will not allow applications to access the personnel information. But it is quiet clear that knowing the username can easily reveal the user's name, phone number etc. At least the applications could take away your name and friends list even if you put the maximum possible privacy settings. So be careful about these type of applications. Think twice and look for what all personnel information they are asking for.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Loading an animated gif onto your wall in facebook

First of all, facebook does not support animated gifs(moving pictures) as profile picture or in album. But there are some applications in facebook that provides this functionality. One such example is the 'Animated Picture'
This application provides links to animated gif pictures. If you post this link in your wall, or your friend's wall, then you will see animated picture. But note that, you cannot download the animated gif and upload it again. In that case, only the first image of the gif sequence will appear.

Facebook just added the dislike button! Click on 'Activate Dislike Button' below to enable it on your profile! SPAM

Facebook just added the dislike button! Click on 'Activate Dislike Button' below to enable it on your profile! Another spam has mushroomed in facebook this time boasting about facebook dislike button. There is no dislike button option available in facebook. Actually it is used by the spammers to exploit the alacrity...

How to fix error while uploading a file

  Many of us face the problem of error while uploading a file to the internet. Many of the resources in the internet says that it is happening because of the crashing of flash uploader of the browser. They show some steps to upload without using the flash uploader. But, I notice that many users face the same problem even though they doesn't use the flash uploader. So, I found a way to tackle off this problem.
  The problem is actually due to the delay in uploading, either because of the modem or connection speed. In order to avoid this delay, we need to boost the uploading speed. This can be easily done using a torrent downloading/uploading software. If we set the software in the seeding mode, then the uploading will get boosted up. The step by step instruction to do this is as given below:

  1. First download and install a torrent software. For example utorrent from It is free..
  2. Download some torrent file searching from google.
  3. Set the upload limit of the torrent software to 5kb/s. In the case of utorrent, the option is at options>>prefferences>>bandwidth.
  4. Upload the file you want now. It will easily get uploaded.
  5. Exit utorrent

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