Thursday, 11 August 2011

Maximum amount that you get for an adsene click

  The maximum amount that you can get for an adsense account is based on a number of factors, like the no.of visitors per month, percentage of visitor's who clicks your ad, the quality of ad etc. How ever you can make an estimate of the average amount you get for each click from the CPC data in your blogger account. CPC means Cost-per-Click. This actually depends on the ad. As you know the ads you get in adsense is from the Google's Adwords Campaigns. There is an option in Adwords to set the maximum amount for each day for an ad. It is a part of this amount, that Google pays to its Adsense publishers, for each click. You can find your earning for your current month using the following formula:

Earning per month = (No. of visitors per day) 30  CTR  CPC
  where, CTR = Click-through-Rate(Percentage of total visitors clicking ads) 
      and CPC = Cost-per-Click( Revenue you get for each click)

So, in order to maximize your earnings, try increasing your CTR by placing the ads effectively. Ad placement is a very important tool to get more out of your adsense. 


  1. Thanks for sharing this great one idea.It must helpful me for extra earning.

  2. Really nice ideas that are posted in this blog.Thanks for one.


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