Thursday, 19 May 2011

How to fix error while uploading a file

  Many of us face the problem of error while uploading a file to the internet. Many of the resources in the internet says that it is happening because of the crashing of flash uploader of the browser. They show some steps to upload without using the flash uploader. But, I notice that many users face the same problem even though they doesn't use the flash uploader. So, I found a way to tackle off this problem.
  The problem is actually due to the delay in uploading, either because of the modem or connection speed. In order to avoid this delay, we need to boost the uploading speed. This can be easily done using a torrent downloading/uploading software. If we set the software in the seeding mode, then the uploading will get boosted up. The step by step instruction to do this is as given below:

  1. First download and install a torrent software. For example utorrent from It is free..
  2. Download some torrent file searching from google.
  3. Set the upload limit of the torrent software to 5kb/s. In the case of utorrent, the option is at options>>prefferences>>bandwidth.
  4. Upload the file you want now. It will easily get uploaded.
  5. Exit utorrent


  1. Such a great post.........nice thought......Thanks for sharing this idea

  2. Thank you so much for this. Worked like a charm :)

  3. Oh geez - I cant upload photos to Facebook OR on my Gmail when I use Firefox. Looked everywhere for fix. Cant locate problem solution anywhere. UI now tried yours and that didnt work either. i have checked all settings, updated Adobe, cleared cache 1,000x, reinstall firefox and adobe several times. Its this new Dell Im using - all the software is new, so its all default settings - I cant figure out which one needs to be altered. i even checked with my Eset thinking it was the firewall - turned it off, still no attaching going on. Do you have ANY clue on what I might try here? Thanks! Oh, WIN 7, firefox 13.


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