Friday, 17 June 2011

Attract more traffc to your website

   Most of us make a website dreaming tremendous traffic to our website. But we get upset on seeing the poor traffic. Ever wondered how these internet giants like Google, eBay, Wikipedia, Facebook etc. get this much traffic..? Well, you cannot say it is because of advertising, because we hardly see their ads..right?
    So, let us see the tactics they use to drive traffic. You also can follow these methods to get more traffic. Let me list them as points.

   Visitors like white background- Google, eBay, Wikipedia, Facebook etc.uses white backgrounds. All other colours will give a sudden negative effect in the visitor's mind. When I created my website first, I saw that most of the visitors stay for less than 10 seconds. ie., they just close the page simply when they see the colour of the website. So I researched on it. I find that users have a different approach to the background colours. The visitors interest for the famous colour combinations are as in the chart. It is clear that white background with black letters are attracts more visitors. But in some situations, you must adapt to some other colours. For example, if its a website exhibiting some digital art works or animations, then a black background with white letters is better. If it is a website about some ladies items, better you give a pink colour.  
    Home page should load in seconds- Your home page should not be over-facilitated with graphics, images or ads. Nobody will be patient to wait for a site taking so long to load. You can make the home page with a brief description and the major links only. Other bandwidth consuming  graphics and images should be placed inside the sub pages. You can imagine of google and wikipedia. But if the website is designed for a specific product like for a mobile phone or a car, then it shall include  high definition images and graphics. Think of the website of Nokia, Dell, BMW. In this case users will be specifically coming for this product and shall be patient enough to load the page.  

   Offer some free stuff- You can offer some free stuff for your visitors. The offer details and download link should be placed in the home page itself. You can offer some free ebooks or softwares or anything that is not much available in other sites. You can also place links to your website in the free stuff you are offering, so that others can also be directed to your site. One another thing is that, instead of straight away giving the download link, you can ask for their email address and mail the stuff. In this case you get their email addresses also, so that  you can sent them newsletters about your site in the future.
Facebook advertising- You can start a fan page in facebook about your website, free of cost. Sent it to your friends and tell them to like it. This will give exposure your site to more people than you can imagine. Consider you have 500 friends and you sent your fan page link to them. If each of your 500 friends have 500 friends, then your page will be seen by 500 x 500= 250000. Then imagine the exposure your site will get when the  friends of these 250000 people see that. Mm.. millions. Well if you have money, then you can try for the facebook sponsored ads. You get targeted visitors to your site. Facebook will automatically show your advertisement to people having specific interests, likes and geographic locations. The more you pay, the more traffic you get on this.

Link Partnership- You can find other websites similar to yours and contact their administrators. You can enter into an agreement so that their advertisement is placed on yours and your advertisement is placed on their. Doing so will result in traffic exchange so that you will get some redirected visitors from them. Instead of simply placing links, you can place banners to attract more visitors. You can design attractive  banners using photoshop or flash. Click here to get your banners designed by professionals at very cheap rate.

   Traffic from search engines- The best way to get traffic is not to go after them but to make them come for you. Search engines can do major role in this. You know that , if you want to buy a product, then you search it in a search engine like google. As you have the keyword ‘buy’, the search engine will immediately come up with eBay. Similarly, if you search persons name, then facebook will come first in the result. This is because, these websites have a high search engine ranking. You have to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But, hold on, please don't pay money to websites offering SEO services. You may see them promising 1000 vistors in one day or so. Wasting money in these type of websites is of NO USE. What they do is, simply load your website address into a program that will generate proxy IPs and browse automatically. You will see visitor statistics in your website, and does not know that these are only mere computer generated bots. Doing so will never increase your search engine ranking. You have to give your website link to many blogs and forums. Search engines will automatically get your website to higher rank, as more sites and blogs link to you. You must be patient enough, for the search engines to do that. Usually it takes months to get listed in Google.

Other ways- If you are so serious about your website, then you can design some posters and distribute somewhere. You can even design business cards with your website address. Click here if you want your posters and business cards designed by professionals at a cheap rate. You may also advertise in news papers

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Create a Professional Website for free

Ever tried to make a website and failed..? Then no more worries. Let me introduce some of the most efficient methods to do that. That is to use a free domain name and free hosting space. Before coming to this blog, you might have searched the internet and got a dozen of free website hosters. But the main problems with these are:
  • You cannot get a custom website address like, rather you get an address something like ie., you get only a subname.
  • Your website will be populated with their advertisements and promotional links.
  • Your website bandwidth, storage space et.c will be very limited.
  • Google adsense account will never be issued to such websites appearing to be subpages. 
  • You should have a thorough background of html coding, database management etc.
Well the above problems will never allow you to be successful. A website without a proper domain name will not attract traffic, will appear insecure to the visitors, will never come in search engine rankings and so on.. 

Now let us see how to tackle these problems. There are two free website hosters, which have very close facilities of a paid website hosters. These are and Both have very efficient website builder tools and very short domain name. But hold on, let me suggest something. I would prefer due to the following reasons:
  • Webs have smaller ads than 110mb. You can remove that ad also, by a simple trick. I will explain it at the last.
  • The website builder tool of Webs is better than 110mb.
  • Search engine optimization and marketing are also easier in Webs than 110mb.
  • Managing the website is very easier in Webs.
  • You can upgrade your account without paying money, but by completing some offers like survey.
You can register for You get a domain name as You can also register at or, and get your domain name shortened as or respectively.
You can browse through a hundreds of themes and add many add-ons to you site such as blog, shopping cart, membership login, form submissions, google adsense, etc. You can also track the visitor's logs, location, time spent etc.
At last, if you want to remove those small ads appearing then you can got to site-setings>>downgrade. It will convert you site into html code. Then you can delete the part of the code for advertisements. But once you downgrade it, you can never upgrade it and can never use the site-builder tools thereafter. So, do it only if you are an expert in html coding.
After you do this, you can complete the free and easy offers they provide. Those includes surveying, registering to some website etc., for which you earn credits. You can use these credits to buy proffessional domain names such as .com, .net etc

Sunday, 5 June 2011

The secrets of making money online, finally revealed!!

     Ever tried to make money from internet and failed..? Well, its not because it is impossible, rather you didn’t know the big secrets behind it. There are many genuine and legitimate opportunities to make money online. I introduce a step-by-step guide for making money online without even investing a Cent. You can earn real money at the comfort of your home, just by following the methods in this e-book. You can make the world your own personel ATM machine. There are many books on the same topic. But they all give you nothing, but vague, general information. Its hard to make real money with those methods. This is because nobody is willing to reveal the secrets of money making, which they know. They believe that sharing this knowledge will decrease their potential to earn, as more people are likely to do the same. But, I take it the opposite way. I think, as the number of people in this field increases, the potential to earn also increases. Hence, I made this book with extreme dedication, so that this book can describe the basic principles, ideas, and tools that you’ll need to succeed online. 
      So, lets start straight away.. I guarantee that none of the steps described in this book cost a Cent!! Yes, you are now going to explore the secrets on how to make money online without investing anything at all. What you need is just a working computer and a reliable internet connection. This book is divided into 12 Chapters. For the best results, you read it chapter-wise from the begining to end. Please don’t skip chapters in between. So, let’s not waste time, prepare to be a millionaire..
       Download it Now

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