Sunday, 13 December 2015

Samsung coming up with foldable smart phones in 2016

Its been a while, smart phone lovers all over the world are waiting for something new in the smartphone technology. According to SamMobile, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has just published an application last week, which the tech Giant Samsung filed earlier this year. Samsung filed a similar patent application in South Korea in 2014, so it could be that the product will be released there first before it’s rolled out to other markets around the world. 

The project is named Project Valley (or project V). The Project Valley phone will carry model number SM-G929F. The Galaxy S6 edge+ has model number SM-G928, and the very small change in the foldable device’s model number suggests it could have specifications similar to the S6 edge+, with the foldable display being the highlight. From the information what is available, it looks like Samsung has developed a new 'hinge system' for implementing a foldable display. It’s a rather basic approach that would see a display placed on a mesh-like material with the hinge then allowing the user to fold the display, making a V shape in the process of closing or opening it. Samsung has already proved that they are pioneers in dealing with curved edges by Samsung S6 Edge itself.

The details around the patent were released first by Sam Mobile, and according to them the release would be initially in the Markets of United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, South Korea, France, Poland, Ireland and Nordic countries. Clearly US market is not in their focus right now but they would focus on more markets later on. Below is an ad about the concept which Samsung released in 2014

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Hack Tata Docomo Sim for high speed 3G internet at 2G cost (2012 February)

Tata Docomo leaves one more loophole unnoticed. Now you can browse internet at 3G speed in the cost of 2G pack itself. Follow the below steps carefully. It is so simple and easy. But you should first read it completely including the precautions I have mentioned below.

  1. Recharge your mobile for the lowest 3G pack available at your place. In my area, it is at Rs.9 for 10Mb. According to regions it will change from Rs.9 to Rs.11 . To find what is the lowest pack in your region, dial *141#  and select 3G internet.
  2. Connect the internet using the access point named TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET. If you don't have the settings, sms INTERNET to 52270 and save the settings as default.
  3. Using the default browser of your phone, just load your homepage; for instance or something. You will see the page loading in 3G speed since it is connected to 3G or H tower.
  4. Now the trick begins; With the internet connected, just dial *141# and select the 2G internet recharge packs. Select the most suited one for you. It ranges from Rs.5 (50Mb) to Rs 65 (2.5GB) or even above. Then your gprs plan get changed, but still will be connected to 3G tower itself..!
  5. If you select Rs.5, then your gprs data remaining will be 50Mb. So, in total for 9+5= Rs.14, you get 50Mb 3G internet. Think if you recharge for Rs.65, then for 9+65= Rs.74, you will get 2.5Gb internet in 3G speed..!!
Now some of the precautions you should take:
  • Your account should have enough balance for the two recharges mentioned. For example, if you want 2.5Gb internet, you should have at least Rs.75 balance. If you want 50Mb, you should have a minimum balance of Rs.15.
  • If the connection gets cancelled due to any reasons, do not continue, since the tower might get exchanged.
  • Don't use this trick if you are travelling since the tower may get exchanged.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

How to browse internet from computer using Samsung Android phones (Galaxy Series) as modem

I have seen in many blogs and forums where users asking about how to connect Samsung Android phones like Galaxy Y, Galaxy Pop, Galaxy Ace and so on. The problem is, the steps for this is explained nowhere  in the manuals or websites. The CD that you get with the Galaxy series named Samsung Kies is of no use on this issue. Some websites are spreading the wrong news that you will need a software called Samsung PC Studio. PC Studio is a just like the PC Suite for Nokia phones and is actually developed by Nokia itself for Samsung. However, the truth is you don't need any softwares or third party connections to connect and browse through computer using Galaxy phones. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Connect the Samsung Galaxy Series phone to the PC using the USB Connector you got with the phone.
  2. In the phone, go to Settings>>Wireless and networks>>Mobile networks and tick and check-box "Use packet data". This will enable packet data connection on the phone.
  3. Now in the phone itself, go to Settings>>Wireless and networks>>Tethering and portable hotspot and tick the check-box "USB tethering".
  4. Thats it!! Just wait a few seconds for the Computer to get connected automatically. Enjoy.. 

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Maximum amount that you get for an adsene click

  The maximum amount that you can get for an adsense account is based on a number of factors, like the no.of visitors per month, percentage of visitor's who clicks your ad, the quality of ad etc. How ever you can make an estimate of the average amount you get for each click from the CPC data in your blogger account. CPC means Cost-per-Click. This actually depends on the ad. As you know the ads you get in adsense is from the Google's Adwords Campaigns. There is an option in Adwords to set the maximum amount for each day for an ad. It is a part of this amount, that Google pays to its Adsense publishers, for each click. You can find your earning for your current month using the following formula:

Earning per month = (No. of visitors per day) 30  CTR  CPC
  where, CTR = Click-through-Rate(Percentage of total visitors clicking ads) 
      and CPC = Cost-per-Click( Revenue you get for each click)

So, in order to maximize your earnings, try increasing your CTR by placing the ads effectively. Ad placement is a very important tool to get more out of your adsense. 

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

How to change your name on facebook

   Changing of name in facebook is allowed only once, for an account. This chance is just to change your name if it was given wrong at the first time, or your name has changed after starting the account. Facebook has this restriction, in order to make sure that you give the right name. That is, it must adhere to the following authenticity standards:
  • Your full first and last name must be listed
  • Initials cannot stand in place of your full name.
  • Nicknames can be listed if they are a variation of your first or last name, but only in the format "First Name ‘Nickname’ Lastname."
  • Your name must be listed using characters from one language only.
  • Your name cannot consist of any titles, symbols, numbers, unusual capitalization, or punctuation.

   To change your name, do the following:

1. Log into your Facebook account.

2. When logged in click on “Account>>Account Settings” from the menu.

3. Then, you will be directed to Settings Page. Click on edit button next to Name.
4. Change your name and Save Changes.

Changing your name takes about 24 hours for confirmation and they may or may not approve it.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Google back into social networking with GOOGLE PLUS

  Google is going to make its re-entrance into social networking, with Google Plus (Google+ or gPlus). There is no doubt that, it will take over facebook very soon, as facebook took over mySpace. Google has already started its test run for a couple of weeks. Currently, they have launched a filed trial run on June 30th 2010, and are testing it with very few users, that they randomly selected. They sent invitations to the selected ones, and only those who have registered from these invitations can invite more users( the same kind of thing that they used at the launching of gmail.). Google has already launched +1 service a few months back. It is very similar to the like button of facebook. Webmasters can install the +1 on their website too. As google is the largest search engine, the marketing and advertising part is very simple and effective. They have advertised Google Buzz very effectively, simply by putting a small link on top of very pages of Google. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has also started an account in Google plus. "Why are people so surprised that I’d have a Google account?" Zuckerberg recently texted to tech blogger Robert Scoble. They have now redesigned their menu-bar into black colour, with a provision for getting the notification of Google Plus in every page. 

 Google once made a try into social networking using Orkut, which was a hype in India, Brazil etc., and not much famous in U.S. Actually, Orkut was not officially made by Google, but by an employee of Google named Orkut. Google bought it from him and integrated it with the Google accounts. It was bought by Google in 2004 and was upgraded and improved through out. But it slowly lost its market in 2010. The reason was that, it was very difficult for integrating to Google and at the same time to compete with facebook. Google Buzz was also not very successful. So, for the last one and a half years, a team lead by the Senior Vice-President of Google, Mr. Vic Gundotra, was researching and developing the brand new Google Plus.

 +Circles: Google has actually mentioned by words, that the privacy control of updates in facebook is not at all efficient. gPlus enables a better privacy control called Cirlces. Unlike the friends list in facebook, we can divide the friends into circles, with different privacy settings. They say that, you can share different things with different people. Circles makes it easy to put your friends from Saturday night in one circle, your parents in another, and your boss in a circle by himself - just like real life.

 +Hangouts: This is another major functionality they are going to offer. Hangouts is a video chatting service, which is not available in facebook. Though some applications of facebook provides video chatting service, they does not have it in-built. Google is famous for its gTalk, with video chatting service.

+Sparks: The Spark is similar to that of the sponsored ads from facebook. In facebook, they show some ads at the right side, based upon our interests. Similarly, based upon the interests we have set, they will show YouTube videos, blogs a window.

+Huddle: More than ten people can group text chat from their mobile phone using the service called Huddle. It is just similar to the free texting offered by BlackBerry phones.

For taking a tour of Google Plus, goto
If you want an invitation to google plus, give your google email ID, i will send you..don't wait till they end their field trial..
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